Photo: Marion Voysey

Lee Gowan is the author of the novels Confession, The Last Cowboy, (published in France as Jusqu’au bout du ciel), and Make Believe Love, which was nominated for the Trillium Award for best book in Ontario.  He also published the critically acclaimed story collection Going to Cuba, and wrote the award-winning screenplay for Paris or Somewhere. He is the Program Director for Creative Writing and Business Communications at the School of Continuing Studies, University of Toronto. His latest novel The Beautiful Place was published in 2021.

Represented by Sam Hiyate

8 thoughts on “Bio

  1. Lee: Carmel and Shirley taught me to spin a rope when I was in grade 3 (I think). My father was a medical intern@ the Swift Current Hospital and got to know the Gowan family. When we moved to a Thunder Bay, Juanita came for a visit an married an acquaintance of my fathe Sherry Wishart. It was interesting to see Carmel’s life on you blog. She was an amazing woman. Thank you for the blog… it happily filled a hole about a girl as I remembrer her and what she would become!


    1. Thanks for writing, Brock! I didn’t know the story of how Aunt Juanita met Uncle Sherry. This used to visit often in the summers, and we stopped in Thunder Bay to visit a few times over the years.


    2. Hi, Brock, It was your father who actually introduced my parents ( Lee’s aunt and uncle), Juanita and Sherry. My mom went to Fort William (now Thunder Bay) for a position as an O.T., a job that your dad had arranged for her at a T.B. sanatorium. Your father knew my dad through Red Skins Football and your parents invited him over my mom’s first night in town. My brothers, sister and I grew up with all kinds of toys, books and clothes that were hand me downs from you, your brother and sister. :-} I had never seen this blog until today so it was fun to see your comment! (We still see Carmel occasionally!) Kylee


  2. Carmel and my mother, Ruth Arnold, were first cousins. Carmel often visited us in Saranac Lake, and we loved her rope tricks. When I was 16, I stayed with Carmel in Montreal for a week, babysitting 6-year-old Kim and taking her to Expo 67. In 1968, my brother, sister and I visited the Wisharts in Thunder Bay and then the Gowans in Swift Current and then Calgary. We saw Carmel perform at the Calgary Stampede.


    1. You visited me then, Ruth, as I grew up on the farm near Swift Current. Can’t remember your visit, but I would have been only six.


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