Days and Nights in Tokyo: The Edo 33-Kannon Pilgrimage

At the end of December 2015, Lee Gowan and Ranjini George travelled from opposite sides of the planet, Gowan flying West from Toronto, Canada, and George flying East from Dubai, UAE, to meet in Tokyo, Japan.

There they embarked on The Edo 33-Kannon Pilgrimage, a winding journey that took them to every corner of Tokyo as they visited a series of temples dedicated to Kannon, the goddess of compassion. Most pilgrimages involve long journeys on foot, but this one was done on trains, subways, taxis, as well as shank’s pony. Along the way, they were able to experience parts of that remarkable city where tourists do not normally visit.

These entries constitute a visual and literary record of their pilgrimage: their journey from opposite ends of the earth to a home in one another.

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