My Father’s House

My Father’s House is a multimedia story that explores impermanence. What else can we count on in this life but change?

On the other hand, the house I grew up in was the house my father lived in his entire life, so it represented permanence for him.

To view the story from the beginning click here:

This Is My Father’s House

Please leave comments or criticisms, just so long as they’re constructive and respectful.

It goes without saying, all of the writing is mine. What use would it be to you? If you do have some use for it, please ask my permission before using.

The photos are mostly mine too, though I have borrowed a few from family (Ray Gowan, Jessi Gowan) and friends (Laura Murray and Ranjini George Philip) and from the public domain.

Enjoy it while it lasts.

7 thoughts on “My Father’s House

  1. My husband Dale knew your dad quite well. I had the pleasure of going with Dale one day and having coffee with your parents. I got to see the ” collections”. So interesting!


  2. Hi Lee,

    I was a pen pal of Carmel’s and received an ‘Return to Sender’ on my last letter. Does she have an updated address?



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